It's Possible To Feel Too Grateful In A Relationship, and It Could Be A Sign That You Should Get Out | INSIDER

January 07, 2019

The sporadic good moments in a relationship can sometimes overshadow the constant bad aspects, which could keep one trapped but author Catenya McHenry offers insight about narcissistic manipulation.

5 Red Flags That Could Tell, At An Early Stage, That You Might Be In A Dead-End Relationship (Explained by Experts) | IHeart Intelligence

October 07, 2018

Married to a Narcissist author Catenya McHenry is included in an iheart Intelligence article highlighting 5 Signs that your relationship might be over.

12 Signs Someone Is Ready To Commit To You | INSIDER

July 26, 2018

Catenya McHenry highlights whether or not someone is ready to commit by how much empathy or lack of empathy that person shows. 

9 Signs The Person You're Dating Is Right For You | Business Insider

May 30, 2018

Author Catenya McHenry is included in an article highlighting dating signs. Check out Sign #7.

How To Live Above The Drama of a Narcissistic Relationship | iHeart Radio

May 18, 2018

Catenya McHenry chats with Dr. Georgianna Dinardio, host of Living Above The Drama on iHeart Radio, about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, how to live peacefully during and after a narcissistic relationship.

I Was Married To A Narcissist. Here's What I'd Like To Tell Melania | HuffPost

April 18, 2018

Author Catenya McHenry knows what it’s like to be married to such a big personality, having divorced a man with narcissistic personality traits in 2010. She offers advice to Melania Trump.

Married To A Narcissist Essay | Hitched Magazine

April 09, 2018

Hitched Magazine includes excerpts from Married To A Narcissist in an essay.

8 Warning Signs You're In A Damaging Co-Dependent Relationship | Business Insider

March 26, 2018

Author Catenya McHenry is included as an expert. Check out Warning Sign #6. 

Catenya Appears on Midday Maryland

March 07, 2018

Author Catenya McHenry chats with Elsa M. on Midday Maryland about why someone should read the book and how it helps those dealing with narcissists.

Catenya Appears On Good Morning Washington

March 01, 2018

Author Catenya McHenry talks narcissistic relationships, warning signs and how to break free of the abuse with Autria Godfrey on Good Morning Washington, WJLA.

New Book Details What Being Married To A Narcissist Is Like |

February 01, 2018

Married To A Narcissist is featured in

Catenya Appears on Talk of Alabama, Birmingham

February 07, 2018

Author Catenya McHenry discusses the book on Talk of Alabama, Birmingham with Nicole Allshouse.

8 Relationship Red Flags | Business Insider

January 30, 2018

Author Catenya McHenry was recently quoted in an article highlighting 8 Relationship Red Flags To Look Out For When Dating. Check out Red Flag #6-  Everything is about them.

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