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Relationships with narcissists, whether in marriage, dating or divorce, are mentally, psychologically and emotionally crippling but author Catenya McHenry fought her way through- journaling the raw and painful experience chapter by chapter.  At the time, the pages were simply a place to put the pain. Catenya didn’t know her journal entries would evolve into a book, but now that she has broken her silence+ freed herself of the narcissistic bondage, Catenya realizes the value of her writings and shares her experience and wisdom in Married to a Narcissist:  Enduring the Struggle and Finding You Again.

"It is so difficult to know what to do in a complicated and unhappy marriage," says author Rod McCall. "This book gives life-tested direction and solutions which can guide someone safely through the minefield of a narcissistic relationship to the other side."

Part One is divided into three sections: Marriage, Separation, and Divorce, in which Catenya’s entries are riveting.  Although she writes about circumstances that are dark, drawing anger and disbelief, the chapters are approachable. Her disappointments and frustration are validating to others suffering similar abuse.  Part Two,  Lessons Learned, is a valuable resource for those needing realistic+practical guidance through the emotional warfare of leaving a narcissist.

If you feel abused, alone, overshadowed, beat down and sometimes outside of yourself because of a narcissist partner, this book will help you distance yourself from the abuse, give you hope, and remind you to love yourself+  find yourself again.

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