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Married To A Narcissist Book  | About the Author Catenya McHenry

Catenya McHenry is an everyday real woman-  a single mom of three just trying to get out the door on time everyday! In her other life, she’s an entrepreneur and sought after TV host writer, producer and wardrobe ReStylist, making regular television appearances as a guest on dozens of top-rated shows.  

She’s also the inventor of SoleMate Sox magnetic socks staying paired on laundry day, eliminating lost socks.


Born+raised in Los Angeles, California, the hub of film+fashion, Catenya was destined to be the mix. Her Dad owned a video production company and from there, her love of stories and storytelling ignited. She began her journey as a TV news reporter and in Lafayette, Louisiana. Within eight months, she was advancing to a education reporter position in Austin, Texas and later became their morning show anchor. As a news broadcaster, Catenya has logged thousands of stories and TV appearances for all the major networks, including NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX and the CW. 


Catenya's constant curiosity and insatiable desire for the next challenge gave her the bravery to flip her skills and quickly ascend to corporate executive level - becoming a PR executive, communications+crisis communications expert, media trainer and marketing expert and later using that experience to launch two PR firms and a video production company.


Never satisfied with just one thing at a time, Catenya's love of film and the creative process prompted her the dabble in the industry. She is SAG credited for her principal roles in two films, Miss Congeniality and The Life of David Gale. She's also appeared in dozens of industrial commercials for TV, corporate and print campaigns and voice-over talent in a host of radio commercials.  


Although Catenya has been blessed with wonderful opportunities in her life, she’s now intently focused on a more authentic life that exudes her passions. She recently repurposed and rededicated her professional life to taking on projects with purpose, truth, and deeper meaning. 


Real stories, real people and Married to a Narcissist evolved from that rededication. During her metamorphosis, Catenya realized she had a catalog of writings and a story to tell. Exhausted from being silent about the continual abuse, she courageously penned her book. “I learned to be silent and cry on the inside. My heart cried. My nerves cried. My blood cried,” she writes. “My soul became mute because the narcissism was deafening.  The only thing listening was my journal, as recorded in Journaling the Journey,” Part One of her book.  “Writing it was not hard because it was my reality.”


Married to A Narcissist is for those who have no one to tell.  Catenya writes, “This is for those who cry inwardly.  This is for those who, like me, didn’t know that it was okay to leave.  This is for those who believed “till death do us part” was physical death.  ‘Death do us part’ could also mean death of your soul.”


Catenya can now add author to her professional ensemble. She has already begun writing her follow-up book, 'Divorce Doesn't Mean It's Over.

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