She stayed married to the narcissist five years too long thinking she was committed to not leaving. She was afraid of feeling like a failure in the marriage, to her children, and to herself if she didn’t at least try to fight for its resolution. Eventually, it wasn’t worth it. He’d blame her anyway… for everything! Author Catenya McHenry is a fighter in every aspect of her life. Surviving a toxic narcissistic relationship, she penned the soul-crushing journey in Married to A Narcissist: Enduring the Struggle and Finding You AgainThis book will help you distance yourself from your abuser, give you hope, and help you find yourself again.

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What are readers saying...

"This collection of experiences speaks perfectly about the disease of Narcissism. I loved reading about the intensely private moments in the life of this woman who's husband made her life, and the life of her kids, hell on earth. It wasn't until she found the courage to break free and heal her family that things began to change for the better. This is a great read for anyone who has gone through a narcissistic relationship or dealt with alcohol, drug, or porn addiction. It is a must read for anyone whose life has been touched at all by this type of abuse. It felt so good to follow along with her journey and it helped me to see that I am not alone. Thank you for writing this book!!!  Christina F.

"Married to a Narcissist hits on many of the dynamics found in toxic relationships.  This book will help those going through this trauma to feel validated and not so alone. Dr, Karyl McBride, Will I Ever Be Free Of You? How To Navigate A High Conflict Divorce& Heal Your Family.

“Married to a Narcissist is a profound and well-written story highlighting the many feelings and issues related to marriage and divorce with a narcissist. It is so difficult to know what to do in a complicated and unhappy marriage. This book gives life-tested direction and solutions which can guide someone safely through the minefield of a narcissistic relationship to the other side.”  Rod McCall,  Speaker and Author of For the Love of Eryk: Surviving Divorce, Parental Alienation and Life After

"This is a very well written, open and honest book. I think it can really help those in a similar situation really understand that they are not alone and it is not their fault."  Lisa M.

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